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I'm very happy. I like my work and the various aspects of it - going around the world teaching the gospel according to St. Albert.

What people don't understand about Sarah Palin is that she is a rancher's wife. From Alberta down to Texas I've known women like that: good common sense bright and vilified by city people.

I was attending the University of Alberta. I was going to be a high school teacher like my parents. I failed - no I didn't fail a class I just barely passed. I really didn't try. It was Canadian history through the plays of the time. My God those were boring plays.

You can be in Tokyo or Alberta at four in the morning in your hotel and you can still practice if you feel like it. A trombone cannot do that at four in the morning.

Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary is facing at least two official objections to his public statements along with expensive hearings before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for expressing his biblical views on same sex marriage.

I had a non-existent knowledge of Queen Victoria's early years. Like everyone else I thought of her as an old lady dressed in black. My mom had told me about her though that she had a very loving relationship with Albert that they had lots of kids and that he died young.

I went to my son's graduation this weekend and I heard a great quote I've never heard before from Albert Einstein. It was that the greatest danger to the world is not the bad people but it's the good people who don't speak out.

I was recording stuff with my dad when I was like five six years old. I played with him on tour. I'd gone with him to Japan in '91 played some gigs did a couple shows at the Albert Hall.

I did Albert Hall I got to play the Hall of Fame with Prince. So I've done that kind of stuff for ages. It wasn't until after we finished working on Brainwash my dad's album after he died then it was like 'That phase is over in my life now now we can get on with our music with our band.'

My friends that are snobs think its cool I did a movie with Albert Brooks.

Lonnie was ahead of his time but at the same time he was right in there with Albert Collins's Cool Sounds.

Artistic qualities that once seemed undeniable don't seem so now. Sometimes these fluctuations are only fickleness of taste momentary glitches in an artist's work or an artist getting ahead of his audience (it took me ten years to catch up to Albert Oehlen). Other times however these problems mean there's something wrong with the art.

I got amazing training both with Theatre Sports... back in Edmonton Alberta - I can't give those people enough credit - and the daytime drama I did. Incredible training both of them.